Meet the Officers


Killian Flynn MacThoy

Clan Laird. The Grand Poobah. Our leader into the darkness. Also known as the sane voice that keeps us out of prison.

Title: Clan Laird
Real Name: Ivan
AKA: Omega Don, The Scotsman, The Beer Marshal


Fritz Zapff

The official prime drunk (First Mate) of the Cavalry. Fritz claims to be the "Premiere of Drinking", and much less important, is also the second in command behind Killian.

Title: Prime Drunk
Real Name: Matt
AKA: Friiiiiiiiiiiitz, Drunken Bard, A Deedle deedle dee.


Innocent Villian

The face. Innocent acts as the face of the Cavalry in court and offical settings.

Title: Household Pursuivant (The Face)
Real Name: Brian
AKA: The Frenchman



The General. The offical marshal, when all other marshals cannot be found. Hand him some amerretto, and he'll be sober enough to marshal any event.

Also makes sure we are able to fight and helps with group tactics.

Title: Household Warlord
Real Name: Joseph
AKA: The Viking, Bad Bad Ronan Count, General Badass